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Wedding Entertainment Services

Following are the list of services that we provide for weddings

Mehndi, Sangeet or Raas Garba Nite :

Live band performs
– Bollywood music
– Qawali
– Antakshari
– Taali
– 3 Taali Garba
– Dandiya Raas
– Heench
– Sanedo
– Mumbai thi Gaadi
– Bhangra

Baraat :

– Dhol players
– Mobile DJ
– Horse/Carriage

Wedding Ceremony

– Live Band singing Lagan Geet
– DJ services

Cocktail hour:

– Sitar and Tabla
– Piano

Wedding Reception:

– DJ , MC and lighting  packages.

Other Services:

Bollywood dancers, Bhangra dancers, Indian/Western Classical Dancers, Belly Dancers are available upon request.

We perform with a 7 to 8 piece orchestra for Mehndi or Sangeet or a Raas-Garba event.The band performs Bollywood music related to a Sangeet/Mehndi nite. The list of songs and your requests shall also be discussed well in advance. Plus, we can conduct a Qawali and an Antakshari session. This will make the evening very interactive and entertaiing.We shall also entertain the requests that we get from the guests on the day of the evening. For Raas-Garba Nites, the band shall perform 2 Taali and 3 Taali Garba, Dandiya Raas, Heench, Sanedo, Mumbai thi Gaadi and some Bhangra at the end. We can also include some performances by friends and family, if any.Lagna Geet – A DJ or a Live Band performing appropriate music during the wedding ceremony. Songs both gujarati and hindi appropriate for the various rituals (vidhi). A live Sitar or Guitar and Tabla combination for the cocktail hour. Its a good fusion of Eastern and Western music. We specialize in providing MC and DJ services for the wedding reception. LED uplighting, moving heads for the dance floor, plasma screens and GOBOs can also be included as a part of the reception package. Dancers – Bollywood, Bhangra dancers, Indian/Western Classical Dancers, Belly Dancers are available upon request. We make it a point to visit all the venues in advance to get an idea about the stage setting, power requirements and the sound dynamics. We shall provide a complete sound set-up for all the items mentioned above(unless we travel to far areas). Based on your selection from the above mentioned services, we shall forward you an approximate price for the package option that you shall select. However, if you wish to select any individual service, we shall send you the pricing for the same. Again, thank you for considering us to be a part of your celebrations. We look forward to hear from you soon.