Event Details: Mehndi-Raas-Lagna Geet, Ukrainian Cultural Ctr NJ, 5/23/24
Review from: Rita Goradia

A Rocking Sangeet evening, thank you Tina!! Our bodies are tired but our legs are still twitching to get back on the dance floor to the beat of the dhol! Too good!

Your voice is truly beautiful, and you are an even more beautiful person! We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Tina for her outstanding live vocals at our daughter’s wedding. As she sang, her melodic tones filled the air, weaving a magical atmosphere that touched everyone’s hearts. The way she effortlessly hit those high notes and poured emotion into every lyric left us in awe. It was as if she sprinkled stardust over the entire celebration, making it even more memorable. Tina’s performance truly was the icing on the cake—a cherished moment that will forever resonate in our hearts.