Event Details: 50th birthday party at Hilton , Long island, Huntington on Sept 2, 2022
Review from: Anil Shah

With a promise of singing her most soulful songs, Tina’s night at the Hilton, Long island, Huntington was one with an electrifying atmosphere from start to finish. She was, quite simply, the epitome of versatility. And in the duets with the male singer who held his own range, Tina maintained the flow of songs with various genres of music. Her interaction with audiences was unique in her own unique way, fulfilling requests coming from different eras of Bollywood music with ease.

Sweet and goosebump-giving performances throughout the night proved a hit from the word go. She finished the performance giving guests the feeling of not wanting the night to end. To conclude, those who were in attendance would undoubtedly want to experience her soulful voice again.

Tina Kundalia

Tinaz Entertainment Inc