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Client Info
Name:Palash Gupta - Gujarati Samaj of Delaware
Email:[email protected]
Address:PO BOX 7723
NEWARK, DE 19714
VIP Name(s):
Event Info and Services
Event:Navratri - Day 1
Date:Oct 19, 2018, Fri
Time:9pm - 1am
# Guests:1000
Setup:Full Live band with sound set up
Event-2 Info and Services
Event:Navratri - Day 2
Date:Oct 20, 2018, Sat
# Guests:1000
Setup:Full band with sound set up
Event-3 Info and Services
# Guests:
Total PACKAGE PRICE:$6300.00
Travel/Hotel Fee*:$0.00
Deposit:$1000.00 (Check)
Balance:$5300.00 (Cash)
Payment Instructions
Payable To:Tinaz Entertainment Inc.
Check by Mail
22 Preston Lane,
Hicksville, NY 11801
Direct Bank Deposit
Bank: CHASE Bank
Routing Number: 021000021
Account Number: 558216300
Please check all the details in the contract, and sign the contract. Thank you.

Please read this rider carefully. It is part of the attached contract for ARTIST. By signing it, you are agreeing to supply ARTIST with production and proper working conditions essential to performance. Any breach of the terms and conditions of this rider is a breach of the contract and may cause ARTIST to refuse to perform without releasing PURCHASER from his obligation to pay ARTIST.

Please do not make any changes to this document. Changes made by client to this rider will not be accepted. Please discuss if any changes are needed.
  1. Deposit: Deposit amount is 15.87% of contract price. Client agrees to pay the deposit amount upon signing the contract. Deposit and signed contract are due immediately.
  2. Balance: All BALANCE payments are due to the Artist upon arrival before setting up. If balance not paid in CASH, 8.875% Tax will be applicable.
  3. Our services are NOT 1099 reportable.
  4. Liability Coverage: If your venue requires liability insurance there may be an extra charge. Nature of such fees is determined upon coverage required by venue.
  5. Client will provide:
    • Stage to perform (Size TBD).
    • Stage (performance area) should not next to food stations and bar.
    • Ample lighting near stage area
    • Small table for set up
    • Outlets near stage area
    • A Bar Stool
    • Water and Refreshments
    • Wi-Fi (if available)
  6. There will be no singing performance at the time of Dinner/Lunch unless previously discussed.
  7. Extra Performance Fee: A fee of $250 CASH is charged for every 30 minutes of performance after the contracted time period mentioned above.
  8. Arrival Time of Artist: Approximately 1 hour prior to Official Start Time. Artist obligation is subject to detention or prevention by act of God, sickness, accident, and means of transportation, natural catastrophes, riots, strikes, any act of public authority, or any other cause beyond the Artist’s control. Artist shall be paid in full for any date for which they arrive in time to perform for contracted time period, regardless of weather conditions, riots, tax liens, or other unforeseeable acts.
  9. Client shall not have the right to broadcast, televise, photograph or otherwise reproduce the performance or any part thereof for Commercial Use.
  10. Client is entitled to one meeting to discuss the nature of the event after signing the contract. Any additional meetings will be charged on an hourly basis.
  11. For Out of State events: Flights
    Client is liable to pay/ arrange/ reimburse for all of the following expenses if incurred for all artist(s) in addition to the balance payment due. All such charges will be invoiced separately.
    • Airfare – Direct flights ONLY. Air tickets should be provided for each artist(s), Baggage fees, Hotel transfers / pick up, drop off, Rental car /Taxi, Parking fees incurred at Airport/ Venue/ Hotel, other.
    • Hotel Accommodation for all artists (NO Motels)
      Number of Rooms: 4 Rooms - (double bed)
    • All meals during Artists stay
    • In case of inclement weather/ flight cancellation or delays, client will provide hotel accommodation.
  12. For Out of State events: Road Trip
    • $1/mile over 100 miles round-trip from Zip 11801 (if applicable will reflect above in travel cost).
    • Hotel Accommodation for all artists (NO Motels)
      Number of Rooms: 4 Rooms - (double bed)
    • Parking fees incurred for all artist(s) at Venue/ Hotel.
    • All meals during Artists stay.
    • In case of inclement weather/ flight cancellation or delays, client will provide hotel accommodation.
  13. Outdoor Weddings or Events: If performance/s by Artist is to take place outdoors, ample shading that covers entire performance area from the sun/rain must be provided; and failure to provide covering may result in Artist determining breaks and or non-performance.
    Note: If Outdoor Temperature is predicted to be or falls below 65 degrees, Artist will perform indoors only.
  14. Vidai ceremony: Please make note in case Lagan Geet a fee of $150 CASH is charged for every 30 minutes of performance after the contracted time period mentioned above.
  15. Client will provide FULL sound set up.
    Sound Requirements
    • 2 (4 for bigger venues) QSC K12 powered speakers (or equivalent) for house mix
    • 2 good quality powered wedge monitors
    • 2 Powered Subs
    • 2 Wireless microphones (Shure PG 58/sm58)
    • 3 Mic stands
    • XLR (or 1/4 inch) cables for speakers
    • Music stand
    • 2 tier Keyboard stand
    • Power conditioner, power extensions, and at least 2 power strips (total 8 outlets for musicians)
    • Couple of spare XLR wires

    *Client AGREES that any sound and/or light companies, being independent or other, hired for this event shall be a professional, competent, and experienced Production Company with current quality equipment and properly insured for damage of equipment or personnel. It is understood that CLIENT assumes full responsibility for any liability arising from physical/internal damage to equipment, life, or limb. Client also agrees that any such damages are not the responsibility of the ARTIST and her crew.

  16. Non-Performance by Tina: In case of any non-performance or no-show by my team and me, full deposit will be refunded.
  17. Cancellations and Re-scheduling:
    Deposit amount is NON-REFUNDABLE and PAYABLE. Below table shows other NON-REFUNDABLE clauses on Balance, and penalty associated (if any).
    TermsWithin 30 days of the eventMore than 30 days from the event
    Re-schedulePenalty: 60% of Full BalancePenalty: 35% of Full Balance
    CancelFull BalanceFull Balance
  18. In case of disputes caused by non-performance of either party, both shall seek redress through arbitrator acceptable to both before resorting to court of law.
  19. In case of Force Majeure (natural calamity, political turbulence, hospitalization or death) either party will make, causing cancellation of event, no refunds or claim.
  20. Gratuity is not included, but it is always appreciated.

I, Palash Gupta - Gujarati Samaj of Delaware, sign this document stating I have read and agreed to all of the above in cooperation with Tinaz Entertainment Inc., and will pay the deposit amount to lock the services mentioned above.

Signed by Palash Gupta - Gujarati Samaj of Delaware on May 10, 2018, Thu 11:29AM
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