Thank you so much for adding amazement to our celebrations!

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Thank you so much for adding amazement to our celebrations! You were great added with professionalism….everyone had a great time with your music! Thank you again for a wonderful night…your singing and music was definitely icing on the cake!

Ruchi Mehta

The Best of Bests – Tina Kundalia

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Our event was one of the Best enjoyed event in many years; specially with Tina’s performance. She has a natural talent added with one of the best team of co-singers and musicians. The last 45 minutes of non-stop singing of Bollywood Hindi songs that required seamless changes of songs with musicians keeping up with the changes was unheard of to me. I have met and heard many singers locally and there is no match for the combination of her voice and presentation as she got both. Down-to-earth personality and “DIVA level” performance! Hats off to you! Very few artists that I have known locally would be able to put up high level of live band events as well as manage small group singing entertainment for Gujarati Garaba, Wedding ceremonies or engagement parties. You name it and I am confident that Tina is “the” answer for Hindi Bollywood songs or Gujarati Garba or Gujarati Lagna-Geets (Gujarati Wedding Songs). I am honored to know Tina and recommend her services without any reservation. Tina ~ wish you a grand success and SOON hope to hear song(s) in your voice in the Bollywood film(s).

Himanshu Pandya

Fabulous time…

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We had a fabulous time yesterday night! The best thing I liked about your yesterday’s performance is you conducted it with class, maintaining decency. Tina of course, having gone through the rigors of SaReGaMa, has enough training to keep a low honorable profile. You two make a good team and your deep knowledge of music was obvious and much appreciated.The accompaniments were neither too loud, nor too low.

Kanwarjit Puri

Shocked to see your power Packed voice!!!

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Now the problem is I am in love with your voice!!!! I was shocked to see how power pack voice with authority you sing. Very impressive…..see you Delaware.

Manish Patel

Thank you Tina

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Thank you Tina!

Bhagwan kare aapke suroon ki phuljharriya hamesha bikharti rahen aur aapki awaaz ka jaadoo hamesha jagta rahe aur diya ban ke roshni phelaata rahe

You well wisher
Naseer Rana

Amazing voice

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I want to tell you that you have an amazing voice and it was a pleasure meeting you, Not only you are beautiful outside but beautiful inside too. I wish you a great career in you entertainment business.
Event – Florida 8/17/2013